Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Move Over Barbie There's A New Sheriff In Town

The most underused item in my house at the moment is my stationary bike. Sad isn't it? She sits there day in and day out waiting for someone to do something besides sit on her while eating a piece of pizza, watching tv. She was purchased just last year in hopes of keeping my legs strong while I wasn't running  She entertained me while I rode mile after mile during my second trimester but I haven't used her in a couple of months.


It's time to get back to work. Jacob, Maddie, and I enjoyed our first walk yesterday and even though my stomach muscles were pretty peeved about the workout, I think it's time to start moving, slowly. Right now isn't about training hard or even getting back into shape it's simply about starting a routine, a habit, and then building from there. 

So, no more sitting idle, Little Missy, it's time you and I got a bit more acquainted. :)

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