Monday, April 9, 2012

Quiet Moments

Early in the morning {occasionally} I get some Mommy Time. It's that moment when everyone is still sleeping and I become single and young again, free to do whatever I please, whether it be sitting on my butt in front of the tv, sipping coffee, running/riding my bike, or cruising the internet; for just a moment it's my time again. :)

Today I took a moment to stretch my wings on Pinterest. I'm shocked at all the amazing boards. I've never really used it as a tool to enhance my life but I'm definitely rethinking that move at the moment. I've come across a classroom board that is rockin' and I'm stealing everything left and right. But before I went on my Repinning spree I did inform the Pinner just how awesome her board was and that I'd be repinning it all. Therefore I'm really not a thief, I gave credit where credit was due and simply copied all those great ideas.

Anyway, what do you do with your free time? Sort the recycling, read a book, or play chess? What tickles your fancy when the kids are sleeping??

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