Saturday, December 8, 2012

What's Your Score?

We all know the importance of a good credit score. Usually credit scores are run when you need to make big item purchases such as a vehicle, home, or take out a personal loan. However, some employees even run credit reports on applicants. Therefore it's important to understand how the credit score rating works as well as know your score, and in some cases, know how to repair it. 

And this is where comes into play. offers an infographic blog that examines beliefs about credit scores and reveals the truth behind the myths. Learn about specialized credit reports as well as bankruptcy, identity theft, and even financial news. has it all, the information you  need to ensure your credit score is accurate and in line with your spending. 

Actually, financial news isn't my specialty but with's infographic blog I'm able to understand and keep up with what's currently happening in regards to new laws surrounding credit reports. I'm also able to broaden my knowledge on the housing market and credit card spending. offers an easy, yet educational read for anyone interested in managing their credit and other financial areas of life. I recommend giving them a visit if you have questions or concerns about your credit score. 

I received monetary compensation for this review. These words are authentic and honest.
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