Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids At Play: Flower Provocation

I love being outside with my kids. The sunshine is like a natural remedy to boredom, insanity, and even cranky mommy moments. So, whenever we can, we get outside. 

Maddie brought me some wonderful flowers she had picked in the yard and I instantly had the desire to paint  a picture of them. I quickly pulled out all the supplies we'd need and placed the flowers in a mason jar. And then I sat back and watched. 

Jacob is very curious about paint and prefers to use a paintbrush which really surprises me with his age, many young kids love to finger paint. Maddie is about mixing paint. She typically starts with one color, paints, then moves to another and another until the page is actually a brownish color. At that point, she seems to finish it and she's completely satisfied with her work. 

I didn't mention to the kids about painting a picture of the flowers, but rather allowed them to explore on their own with a nice boutique to possibly inspire them. :) Overall, we all had a wonderful time mixing paint and sunshine on this glorious day!

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