Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Activities {Learning Through Play}

My kids love the Fall. They spend their time relocating all our pumpkins, jumping in leaves, and running wildly around the yard in the beautiful, cool air.
And you simply can't ignore all the fun activities Pinterest showers us with. One activity Maddie and I recently put together was the Tissue Paper Tree. I actually grabbed it from my classroom curriculumn, Unique. This month my class is discussing the different seasons and this activity breaks down the four in a visual sense.

 Tissue Paper Tree:
1. Start with a large sheet of construction paper.
2. Separate the paper into four areas.
3. Collect materials: colored tissue paper, tree template, and glue. I also used pictures to depict the different seasons to give Maddie an idea of the different colors and fullness of the trees. It was also a great opportunity to simply chat about the seasons, sharing the parts we liked in the pictures.
4. This activity took about 15 minutes and gave a great look into nature.

What Fall activities are enjoying?!!

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