Friday, May 9, 2014

Who's Up For A Drink? Check Out Milo's Sweet Tea!

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Recently, my husband and I purchased the most adorable bunch of chickens. That's right, Folks, we are now Urban Farmers! 

PhotoAnd while my husband spent the week building our new chicken run, we had the wonderful opportunity to experience the new varieties of Milo's Tea. From lemonade, tea-lemonade blend, to a decaf sweat tea, Milo's Tea is a family owned business located in the beautiful Bessemer, Alabama. Since 1989, Milo's Tea has been sold to thousands of retailers across the U.S., still guided by the philosophy of high-quality, natural ingredients, while never sacrificing great taste. 

Lemonade_20Instantly, my kids and I fell in love with the lemonade while my husband enjoyed the tea-lemonade blend while out working in the yard. I also love that Milo's not only comes in gallon size jugs but they also offer their teas in 20 oz bottles. With no preservatives or additives, Milo's Tea uses filtered water, cane sugar, and custom blended teas to create a refreshing drink your whole family can enjoy. 

And after a long day of rounding up chickens and eggs, it's nice to simply sit on the back porch and watch the sun set while sipping on a nice, cold Milo's decaf sweet tea. Knowing the day is done, and done well, is a satisfying feeling, one in which I'm happy to share with my family and Milo's Tea.

I received a variety of Milo's Tea for review, this post is an honest and authentic review of products. 

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