Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey baby doll,

I'm just checkin in with ya. :)

I'm getting these pretty bad headaches in the middle of the day, I'm hoping once my hormones get a bit more settled it will go away. We shall see. :) Also, I noticed that I rubbed my belly a few times today. You are on my mind. I also whispered to the dog that, "I have a baby in my belly." :)

Your daddy told you goodbye this morning. He said, "good bye momma, good bye baby," and he touched my belly. Ahhh. :) He already loves you so.

Alright so, we're going out to eat with your grandparents tonight and I want to get a little nap in before we do, so I'm gonna go for a bit.

Many hugs to you my little precious!
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