Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's early and I'm up peeing

So, I awoke at 4:30 this morning needing to go pee again. I wanted to take another pregnancy test since it was so late yesterday afternoon when I took the first ones, and, actually, I wanted to see a darker line. :)

I want to know you're there, happy and snug. Are you happy little one? Your dad made mention of your head yesterday and I told him you actually really didnt have a head yet, to which I felt in awe/scared over. Wow, you are so young. Please stay around with us. I know I'm scared, so scared that I wont do everything perfectly for you and raise you up to be a great kid, but please stay around.

I guess its just still so shocking/exciting to know you're with us...I dont know, now I'm just rambling on about it. I should probably go back to bed.

When I got up and left the bed, Buckey, you'll meet her later, was in between me and dad, she likes to sleep that way. Your daddy always protects her from me. He's a good man, you'll enjoy him. :) I'll go give him a little kiss for you.

*sendin' ya lots of love, little one*
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