Saturday, August 9, 2008

7 Weeks!

You now have knees and are going to begin work on your toes this week. :)

Yeah for legs!!

This week has been very busy. We've had in-service all week and I've been running around trying to get a room together, with Monday starting our first day of school. Oh, and then, remember, I'm going back as well this semester. Cross your little fingers, even if they are still webbed together, that we make it through with flying colors. :)

We went to the dr. and he says we're between 6 abd 8 weeks which puts a good 7 weeks. :) Are you going to be big? Are you going to be a girl? Your brothers, Austin and Jeremy, informed me yesterday that I couldnt have girls, only boys, but I think your dad feels youre a girl. :) He says he makes pretty girls, which he does. :)

Your daddy has a daughter and he misses her. I hope one day you two can meet.

The weather has been beautiful. I layed in bed this morning, looking out the window, watching the wind blow through the trees. Dont worry, my little one, I'll show you all about the wind, the weather, and the brids. We actually have a bird, a rotten bird that does his own thing. :)

Well, I'm getting hungry. How about porkchops and green beans for breakfast??? I agree, delicious!!!!
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