Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm going back to school, my little one.

Thats right, babe. Momma is going back! I hope to be close to having my license by the time youre born, but who knows, all I truly do know is that I'm going til its finished. :)

I refuse to be poor. I refuse to raise you in a home that isnt living up to its potential, fiancially wise. I want to take you on vacations, and never have to worry about paying bills, or a house payment, or cars, or anything.

I dont need/want to be rich, I just want to provide a healthy and happy home for my children. And, money needs always stresses me out so I'll finish my Master's, make some more money, and then I'll stress over something else. :)

I love you! Two more days until we see the dr. :)
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