Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You are moving!

So, I keep up with daily calendars on your grow and one of them says that youre moving now. :)

How wonderful!!!!

Also, I think I have preggo allergies. I'm sneezing all over the place, but I dont feel as if I have a cold. I dont want to have a cold. I dont want anything to hurt you.

While we were on the playground today I saw two little kids, a boy and girl, who I think you'll look like. :) The boy was adorable and looked like your daddy. The other was a boy as well, but I thought thats how you'd look if you are a girl...not too atttractive. :) Dont worry, its not an insult, I usually dont have pretty babies...they are unique.

However, they do turn into very handsome/beautiful people. :)

I've known about this pregnancy for 3 1/2 weeks now and it feels like forever. :) I love you. Yes, I'm still worried about financies, but I so love you, I wouldnt want anything to be different.

*hugs and kisses* lets go take a bath!
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