Sunday, May 4, 2014

FitsMe: Recipes That Fit You

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I can really struggle with weekly meal planning for my family. I've got the meals that I call "traditional weekly grub" that I know are quick, easy, and I can throw together between kids' soccer practice and homework time, but when it comes to actually exploring new tastes and pleasures, I'm sorta at a loss.

That's what I love about FitsMe. It is packed with gorgeous recipes, illustrated with pictures, cook times, and nutritional info. And we all know home cooked meals are more affordable as well as more nutritious, and what a great way to get the family involved! Check it out, sign up today, and let me know which recipe you'll be cooking up first!

FitsMe gives you the tools to create a food personality profile that incorporates your unique food preferences and dietary needs. Over time we'll learn what foods you like to eat most often and how you like to prepare them with our "forks up, forks down" system.
We want to make cooking at home more convenient by helping you discover new recipes and plan out meals that fit you.
You can also use this link: to sign up.

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