Tuesday, October 7, 2008

15 Weeks!

Well, the pregnancy spilling has begun. When I'm pregnant I some how continue to spill food on my chest, and 'lo and behold, right before I started typing this, I looked down to see some grits sitting on my nicely, perked, boobs.

Speaking of boobs, I dont think mine have stopped being sore yet. It's mainly when they are confined. I will definitly go out and pick up some new bras this weekend. It's time.

Other than that, you made your appearance in my meeting yesterday. I was eating lunch and you began kicking away. Yeah, it was kicking, little baby kicking, but I knew it was there. :)

Do you like hearing me eat? Does it wake you up? Supposedly I read this month you will begin to hear things outside the womb. Wow. Your daddy talks to you. Do you hear him? :) I do...all-day-long. :)

Just wait til you hear his stories. *big smile* I'm sure he will even make some up for you.

Oh, and tomorrow, I get to see you again. Wow. I wonder how big you are now. :)

I love you, my little baby. Enjoy your day!
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