Sunday, January 18, 2009

30 Weeks

Wow, I just ready you should be pushing 3lbs. and 12 oz. Thats practically 4 lbs! Wow, I cant believe youre so big and yet, I so know that you are. :)

I love you. Thank you for sharing this time with me.

My birthing classes are going well. I think we have two more classes to go and then we'll be finished. I'm also to my two week visit now and Carolyn and I will be discussing the birth kit this coming Thursday at my next appointment.

Oh, I passed my glucose test with a score of 96, and thats after eating two eggs, toast, and jelly beans. Yeah, I was very happy. We do need to cut down on the sweets, though. Wednesday, I want that to be the special day that we can eat the sweetest of the sweetest food if we do so desire. :)

My wasit measurement for this morning: 44 inches.

I'll need to keep working on your baby book and post a few more pics in there. Maybe I'll work on that today. :)

I love you!

Oh, and a few names I have picked out for you:


Which do you prefer?? :)
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