Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am in need of some water at the moment. My body is desiring it quiet often.
I am also in need of a gym visit.
Oh, but I guess before I go any further, I have to make the public announcement that this blog will now, also, contain my daily rambling of nothingness.
I will be posting all blog moments here and still posting to my baby as well.
Speaking of the baby, I'm just about to hit 32 weeks and I feel pretty confident that he/she has moved with its back to my belly. I believe I can feel it. The baby had been lying on my left side, kicking me on my right. It seems baby can prefer certain postions but once they get so big they must make the decision to turn for birth, and hopefully, this is the postion the baby will keep since its the easiest for birthing.
Other than that, I've been up since before 6:00 am and now I'm getting tired. :) But, I need to drink some water, so I'll be up for a bit longer.
Also, my body is completely irritated by the weather. My skin has become so dry and chapped. I went by Bath and Body Works yesterday and picked up some intense therapy lotion which burned me for about 5 minutes after I put it on last night. And then I kept waking up lastnight thinking about Baby Aveeno lotion. I think I'll run by the store and pick some up today. Maybe it will help without the burn.
Other than that, we'll probably catch a movie today: Taken, and I'll be picking Jeremy up from Greg's.
And, thats all. :)

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