Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Names!

So, yesterday, Sean makes a comment that he gets the boy's name while I have the girl's name. I think he has gotten into the idea that we are having a baby boy, so I totally agreed with him, cause I so feel its still a girl. :)

Boy - Shannon McGeHee Carrigan
Girl - Madison Anne Carrigan

The middle names both come from my family, with Anne being shared by both our mothers. It is pronounced Ann with a silent "e". I'm not sure why the generation did it that way, but it did, and so I choose to hold on to the tradion of it all.

Anyway, Sean called me this morning and he was like, "I cant talk long, I just wanted to say that yeah, I think Madison is a good name, dont you?" I was so thrown off by the statement that I didnt even recognize the name he had said. Once he repeated it all I started laughing since I'd already posted a blog similar to this on FB. *smiles*

Now that our baby has a name, I think its time to grace the world with its presence. :)
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