Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was beginning to chart right before Sean and I got married. We had decided to have a baby and I thought I had a pretty good idea of when I would ovulate. However, I jumped on the TTC bandwagon and really investigated how it all worked so that I could be completely prepared.

We were married May 8 and on June 26 I discovered I was pregnant. Now, I decided on the June 5 that I'd put off having a baby and go back to school. *smiles* Ok, maybe I decided a little to late.

I just went back and relooked at my old chart and then I realized we only had sex two times before my fertile period, and yet, here I sit, experiencing pressure waves every 15 minutes or so.

God told me I'd have a baby in June. I thought He meant I'd birth a baby in June, however, it seems I would rather find out I was pregnant that month and would be sitting here, 34 weeks later (I subtracted a few weeks), giving Him total credit for this baby.

The chances are so slim that we could have planned this. *smiles*
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