Monday, March 2, 2009

I spoke with Sean a while back and we chatted and we chatted and we chatted while he drove to Nashville to pick up a shipment. Anyway, he informed me that he was willing to move and buy another house in the future, to which I was so excited. This home is very overwhelming to me and I think overall we would all be happier with another place. I know it wont be tomorrow but within a year or so I'm sure we'll be looking. :)

Also, about the baby, I just made a comment about wanting to wait until my baby decided to be born rather than using other methods (over activity due to work). And then I remembered reading that ocytocin is released from the brain and that it seems for birth to begin, the uterus become very sensitive to this hormone and thats when birthing begins. Well, all of a sudden I pictured my baby looking into the face of God and God saying, "ok, its time," and my baby smiled so big and got into position to start the journey.My cousin, Tif, has told me that she's dreamed of my mom holding my baby and I wonder if it could be true. If maybe my mom and this baby got to meet each other in heaven. I'll never know but its nice to think it could happen. :)*Here's to beautiful births*
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