Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's See What Happens *with updates*

Yesterday was my appointment with my midwife and we've decided to try a little intervention.

I've taken two doses of Black Cohosh, to which almost takes a bit like liquir, and we'll see if it gets anything going. Supposedly, if my body isnt ready then nothing but maybe some Braxton Hicks will happen, but since yesterday I was at 90% effaced and 2.5 cm, there just might be a possibility we'll have our baby soon. :)

I'm sure I'll be posting all day or at least until I get bored. :)


I'm on my second hour. I've just finshed a 15 minute walk around the house and now my back is uncomfortable. I'm hungry so I'm gonna eat some spaghetti. I have about 5 more minutes until I take another dose of herbs.

At the moment, nothing is happening. I've had two nice pressure waves since getting up, however, lastnight they really started to get more intense and longer in duration, so, overall, I'm just gonna let the body keep working.

I really wish I knew a time line on this process, but I guess thats just how it is, every body is different as well as every pregnancy. :)


I'm working on my third hour. I just finished walking for the second time and its really freaking my bird out that I continue to circle the house with non-stop moving. :) I have about 15 more minutes until I take another dose of herbs. I'm really starting to swell this morning, I guess I should drink more water.

Oh, and the baby is awake. :) It's moving as I type. I didnt sleep too well last night, thinking about the fact that today/tomorrow I could be having a baby, so maybe I should catch up with a nap as well. I definitly want to be rested when its time for the real work.


I took my last dose of herbs at 11:00 and I am so sleepy. The pressure waves are more intense but still pretty far apart. I was having lunch with Sean when I had a wave and then looked up at him and said, "labor is going to be painful." I think thats the first time I'd admited this pregnancy but its true and that seems to be the only way my body knows how to get babies out of it, so, it must be done. :)

If everything continues to progress I'm sure we'll have our baby no later than within a few days, maybe even tonight. :)
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