Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just an update :)

Madison is doing great!
She sleeps about 6 hours straight a night and then eats off and on for about 3 hours and then is asleep again.
I absolutely love when she's awake. :) She just looks around, usually pretty happy.
I'm doing well. Jeremy and Austin havent even missed a beat with Maddy being around. They still expect me to jump up and down and stand on my head for them. :) I actually found out today that Austin is now riding around with his friends from school. Wow, he will be 16 this August but I still cant believe he's out, independently roaming the world.
Jeremy has spent more time with his dad this last week, which he is perfectly fine with. I picked him up Monday and Tuesday and his dad got him today. He seems to just watch Madison, not really interacting with her, and then just moves onto what he was gonna do next. Sean and him spent the evening doing karate which only stressed me but Jeremy loved all the attention and rough-housing. :)
Aunt Charlotte will be coming in this weekend to see us all. *happy, happy*
Wow, its 4:30 and I'm getting tired. I think its also time to eat a snack. Oh, I've already lost 20 - 25 pounds since giving birth. I'm happy about that. :)
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