Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Madison let out an actual laugh this morning. I was stunned and didnt realize what it was til I saw her face and the big smile she had. She's done this one other time, while sleeping, it doesnt seem to be by anything that we (dad and I) do to her, it seems to be her dreams that make her chuckle so.
My cousin use to dream of her with my mom in heaven, and for moments, I allow myself to think that maybe Maddie is remember a time with my mom, playing with her in heaven. I'm not sure its possible. I dont know what happens before birth or how heaven is actually set up, but I do know I'll be with my Lord, other than that, my imagination becomes a bit faulty.
Anyway, my beautiful baby girl laughs and just amazes me.
Also, this morning when Jeremy and I were waiting in the car line for his drop off at school, I reached over and touched his hair. I wish I could freeze those moments when I'm just loving him. I dont think I take enough time to love those around me. No, I never take enough time. However, I'm so grateful for the realization of it now...now, maybe I will. :)
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