Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burk's United Methodist

We've been attending Burks for about a month now and, like my previous post says, I'm interested in getting involved in some classes.

1. Sunday 6ish: Exploring Burks, I believe is the name of the class, however, I could be so wrong. Anyway, its a class that discusses Burks' mission, goals, and history. It's a class that most people take when they're interested in becomeing members of the church. However, its not mandintory to take it, but I really think it would help me understand the Methodist view point and so I've decided the next time its available, which should be in about a month, I'm taking it. :) Actually, lets say Sean and I are taking it.

2. Tuesday 6:30: Jesus in the Gospels. It was a toss up, spin class at the Y or bible study. And since I'm drawn to learning of Jesus at the moment, and my body is still needing recovering time, we'll go with the class. :) Sean agreed to stay home with Maddie so I could attend. I'm gonna call Tuesday and check on it since its already started.

3. Wednesday 6ish: dinner and bible study. Once Sean finishes up with his class, which will be in about 5 months, I'm hoping we'll all go on Wednesday nights to have dinner and then class. Jeremy really loves his Sunday school and kids church so I'm hoping one more night a week will complete us all. :)

Also, Vacation Bible School starts June 22 - 29 6:00 to 8:00 pm and I think Jeremy would really enjoy it. I'm gonna sign him up this week. :)

I'm happy to know I'll be raising my family in the church. :)
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