Monday, May 25, 2009

Brotherly Love

Ohhhhhhhhh, the love!

Sean asked me last night if I'd taken Madison's 8 week pictures yet, and nope I hadnt so we started then. And, one of the first pics, Jeremy and Maddie, both showing their beautiful personality.

Yep, at night Maddie tends to get a little intense at times. :) She's very opinionated and enjoys being loved on so sitting in her bouncy at this moment was not her idea. :)

Check out Jeremy in the background! He had a toy gun and was adding in some kung fu moves with it. I went back and started looking at these pics and was rolling to see what all he was doing while Sean snapped these pics. :)

The next pic is of Jeremy playing a game with Sean. He thought it was hillarious when Sean was picking his hands. :)

And lastly, the pic Daddy was looking for, one with a smile. I'd put some oil in Maddie's hair due to craddle cap which is why she's wearing such a crazy do. :)
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