Monday, May 25, 2009

My Baby

I cant believe Madison is already 8 weeks old. In just two more days it'll be her 2 month birthday. :) Wow, time has flown by. My little girl is growing so fast and so big.

She smiles and coos now. She definitly knows what she wants, when she wants to be held, fed, diaper change.

She has a very set schedule at night. Around 10 or so she heads to sleep and will either wake up early in the morning to eat or will sleep through til around 7:00 am. Oh yes, I definitly know how blessed I am, my other two didnt sleep the whole night til they were about 3 years old or so. :) She also sleeps in her crib and has been since day 2 of being home. I sleep in her room in a twin bed so I can be close. She also sleeps in her sleep sack so I feel comfortable that no blankets will cause any harm. :)

Yesterday, Jeremy, Madison and I went to the Y for our first swim of the year. Maddie got in with a towel wrapped around her since she's so slippery when wet. :) That was totally a Bon Jovi album name. :) Anyway, both her and Jeremy loved swimming around. I need to buy her a swimsuit and take a few pics. :)

Her favorites this month: eating, sleeping, being outside, chatting with Daddy, Momma for comfort, and the water.

Below is a pic I took of her today with her outfit she came home in. I'm getting some clothes together for a yard sell and decided to let go of the outfit but wanted to take a pic of it so I'd have it for her baby book.

Madison Anne

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