Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Update on Burks

So, I called and spoke with someone about the bible studies and it seems Jesus in the Gospels ended at the beginning of May. :( So, there is a class going on, on Wednesday nights that I've decided to go to. It's discussing the letters to the 7 churches in the book of Revelations. Leon, I now know his name, will be teaching the class and said we wont be discussing the prophesis (sp) of the book, which is probably a good thing since Revelations is a kick your butt kind of book. :)

Also, there will be a class for Jeremy to attend and Maddie will get to meet the nursery workers. :) Classroom 10 for me and 24 for Jeremy. I gotta write this down somewhere or I'll forget.

June 5, 10:00 dr. appointment with Dr. Johnson to discuss BC. Just a little note for myself. :)

And, to jump to another side note, I'm going to the gym once Sean gets home. I didnt make it this morning since I had to go in before class and retake my skills test, which I passed this time. :) And since its been since last Thursday since I was at the gym to work out, I'm super excited about going.

Overall I've removed 31 pounds from giving birth to Maddie, and I only gained 25 while pregnant. I'm happy about that. :)
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