Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learning from others...

I've learned a great deal from others.
I've learned how I dont want to treat others by the way they treat me.
I've learned that there will always be two people involved in any given situtaion. Even when I'm alone, there is always someone out there who is responding to my absense, ie: my kids, my husband, strangers, friends, and family members.
I have also learned patience towards others but having to understand that if a situation doesnt go my way it means I must reconsider my thoughts, ideas, and base my actions not on my feelings but the facts I have.
It's interesting, I think I do good by someone and I wait for a "thank you" when in reality, I should just leave it be and accept that I've passed on what I thought was good and if its not seen that way, well, there's nothing I can do.
I'll post later about my fly story. It was life changing. :)
Wow. I just re-read my words and how high and mighty I sound. The pastor spoke on Sunday of breaking down walls. I threw my head around and said, "huh, I dont have any walls." Pride is serious issue I have.
I get really irritated by people who dont like me. I get all crazy about the fact that there could be something wrong with me?! What??!! Yeah, I know. :) And yet, there are plenty of women I dont like.
Going back to Sunday, Sean suggested I befriend an old female friend of his. Now, I've befriended her about 5 THOUSAND TIMES but you know, you gotta keep at it. Why? Well, cause seriously, I didnt personally do anything to this girl, and honestly, if she wants to be friends with my husband, well, she needs to be friends with me.
I saw a t-shirt at the gym today that said, "Hulk Rules". I loved it and realized I needed more t-shirts.
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