Sunday, May 31, 2009

Church was great!

There were about 20 kids that were either being baptised or doing their confirmation.
I cried several times. :)
I'm also torn over whether to baptise Maddie now or wait til she is older. I'll keep praying on it and we'll see what God says.
Overall the sermon was on Matthew and intentional learning. I receieved a book in the Mail yesterday titled, The Story of Christianity, which I'm loving. It's a historical look at the influences of early Christians, Jesus's life/culture, and the church. It's a book that used in seminary school so its cleared through the christian channels. :)
Again, I'm so involved in. :) The follows of Christ didnt see themselves as anything but Jewish people who felt the promise was complete. I really think we've lost something by not completely understanding the Old Testimate as well as the Jewish culture.
Alright then, my sugar is getting low, its time for food. God bless you...
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