Monday, June 1, 2009

Today and knots in my belly

Overall today is going well. A friend of mine is leaving work to be a full time nanny and so I told a mom of a student of mine, which I have a math class with, about the opening and she got all excited and then said she didnt think she'd qualify.

I so understand that people dont want to go down, put all the effort into getting a job, and then to be turned down for it, but I really think people should try, you just never know. And plus, I didnt learn all I know until I begn working with all the therapists at school, thats when you really learn about child development and what activies are best with kids/babies.

I go back to work in a month and even though I'm looking forward to seeing all my kids and co-workers/friends, I'm so gonna miss the days just spent with Maddie. Yeah, she'll be two classes over and I'll be able to have outside time with her, twice a day where I'll love on her continuously, but that still wont compare to our time at home. :) However, I am excited to share her with other people that I care a great deal about. I've worked at this school for almost 4 years now and those people have really become a part of my life. I'd even call some family. :)

On another note, my friend goes in today to get her ultrasound to see whether or not her baby is still with her. My belly is in knots just thinking about the experience. Her husband is in the Navy and wont be going with her to the appointment. Lets just say I was mad about that. I told her to give me a call and I'd stay on the phone with her. She in New York which means no family or close friends are with her today. I keep praying that little Frankie will be there but my rational mind just keeps doubting it.

*smiles* I read about Sarah and Abraham today, when God told them Sarah would have a baby and she laughs and says she's too old, her and her husband, but God does it anyway. Should I put all my faith into the fact that God can do the impossible? I should put my faith in trusting God to do what is to be done. I dont know the big picture; I just know the here and now.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
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