Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having a Problem

I'm up to 3 iron pills a day just to function.

I believe I'm suffering from some severe anemia or there is a serious problem going on inside my body.

I have a hard time concentrating/actually understanding whats going on around me. My vision is blurred. I have problems swallowing food. My memory is no more. My nails have ridges in them. And I am exhausted, light headed, and dizzy. Oh, and my period has ran from what use to be 4 days is now up to 9 days.

I feel as if death is knocking on my door. I have an appointment for next Friday to see my dr. I've also just taken my third pill for the day so hopefully within the hour I'll feel better. I worry about being alone with Maddie when I feel this way. I seem to function in slow motion and it takes all my brain power to think everything through.

But I still have a sense of humor so I'm gonna write this all right-justified. :)
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