Thursday, May 21, 2009


I ran into a man at the gym today who was a true blessing to me.

He sat down next to me on the bike that wasnt working, but said he could still ride it anyway, to which we both smiled. :) Because of some fine/gross motor issues, he was having a hard time getting the foot strap on and so I offered him my help. Well, I wasnt able to get it on either, but I was able to hold his pedal while he slid his foot in. He ended managing to get the strap on himself after we swapped it back and forth.

Anyway, after his ride he began talking to the woman next to him about an accident he'd had last year. He must have had a brain injury because his speech was slowed as well as fine/gross motor issues. However, he spoke of how God has blessed him through the wreck because he has met so many people that wouldnt have other wise.

All I could do was sit there, pedaling, listening, and praying. Thank you, Lord, for being with this man, for allowing him to see your grace and love, and for allowing him to be apart of my world at that moment. Not only did he allow me to experience his blessing, verbally, but also allowed me to serve him, which is always called of us.

Again, I was just amazed by this man who had taken what had been dealth him and turned it into a blessing. I gripe and moan about my lot but there is always something else that could happen to me or my family and I should take the time more often to really appreciate what I have at this moment.

I realized when I was driving home that I only have a few more years with Austin and then he'll be off at college. Wow, we really do only get a short amount of time with the ones we love.
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