Monday, May 4, 2009

Stress, stress, and what, more stress!

My income tax is being reviewed which means the money that I was to use while on maternity leave is a bit tide up at the moment. I'm reaching and grabbing for everything thats stashed here and there but overall its still a bit stressful.

I had almost reconsidered going to school, which starts tomorrow *smiles*, and instead going back to work to bring in a pay check, but, we agreed one more month and then if need be I can return to work at the beginning of June rather than the end.

Please, if you pray, pray.

However, I must say that yesterday, while I was freaking out after discovering the hitch in my tax return, I was able to expressed some hidden fears with hubby. I'm not sure we agreed, completely, on everything that I wanted to talk about or even agree on, but we hugged alot, both woke up this morning happy and still loving, and thats a huge step, especially after I said mean things about being fed up with the house and such.

Seriously, and shamefully, I'm a runner, and when times get hard I usually shut down or pack up and leave. It's taken God's grace to change me.

A reminder to me:
there will always be some part of life that sucks, and yet, its the attitude and actions that we take that make all the difference. Looking too far ahead will only slow me down and keep me from appreciating all that I have here, now.

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