Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bloggess and Bathrooms

There is a woman out in the world that routinely entertains me.

She spoke of the one place to get away from it all, the bathroom, and I stand by this idea firmly. Since I've been a mother for half my life now, I seem to have always had someone with me, and I've slowing come to understand the one place that most people wont follow you is, indeed, into the bathroom. :) Now, when it comes to little ones you have to teach them that the bathroom door is closed for 2 reason: your privacy and sanity.

It was just today that my 6 year old busted through the bathroom door to tell me something. Thank goodness I was finished and about to leave, but again, I had to remind him that the door is closed so that he cant come in.

Speaking of mommahood, there was a family over at the house today, dropping off their two kids for Uncle Jack and I to watch. Its a young couple and I was really impressed with the 9 month old who is already crawling and such. I asked if she stayed home with them to which she said yes. I told her she'd done a good job with him and she sighed and said it wasnt all ways the best times, or something of that sort.

I smiled but in my heart I felt a whisper say, "youre really lucky to be able to stay home with your babies." I know my little one will only be two classrooms down and I'll be able to see her twice a day out on the playground, but still, that doesnt make up for these wonderful days that I just get to be with her, all the time. I love my job, I just love my kids alot more. :)
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