Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yes, yes, yes, we are probably finished...but...

I seriously feel the beautiful birth of Maddie is what has allowed this idea of another baby to linger. And, maybe because I had to have two identities for my baby while pregnant, Madison and Shannon, since we didnt know the sex.

My personal recommendation to parents: know what sex your baby is. It was much harder for me to "feel" my true baby by not knowing. I felt nuetral a great deal of time as in, I couldnt really picture how my baby would look because I didnt know the gender. Anyway, it did have its fun moments thinking about it, but overall, I WANTED TO KNOW. :)

And, maybe it was also the fact that Sean kept saying, if its a boy, we'll just keep trying til we get a girl. He so wanted another daughter. :) I knew it was a girl, in my heart, just like I knew the others were boys, but I always knew I could have been wrong, so there was always the anxiety of not knowing. Plus, my midwife kept telling me my baby had a boy's heartbeat. :) However, Jeremy always registered as a girl's heartbeat so I always just used that excuse to keep my girl idea.

So, yeah, finally, after three babies, the real baby bug has hit me. I think with the other two, my life was busy, that I just incorporated them into it but, sadly, never had the time to just really focus on them. And now, with Maddie, my world has slowed down a bit, and I still think about little Shannon. :)
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