Monday, June 15, 2009

16 and Pregnant

MTV has a reality show, 16 and Pregnant, with a couple from Chattanooga.

And they ride 4-wheelers, while pregnant. Ok....

And, they used my dr, but not really my doctor, the doctor in with my doctor, which was a little shocking to see my office and hosptial on tv. Now that brought back some memories. :)

My life at 16 and pregnant was nothing like this show. I didnt brag about my baby, instead I went away to a home for pregnant girls, well, until I cried and begged my parents to come and get me. However, my school life wasnt about rubbing my belly or asking me questions about being pregnant.
Anyway, it ended up to be so sad. Wow, just truly sad watching all the heartache surrounding that baby. I dont think I'll be watching anymore of those shows.
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