Friday, June 5, 2009

Chattanooga OB/GYN Center

Oh, my dear, Dr. Johnson. :)

I think I've been seeing this man for a good 8 years now. He delievered Jeremy almost 7 years ago, so yeah, its definitly been over 8 years. :) Anyway, the first thing he did was to ask about Maddie and then he appologized for not being able to continue my care because of my decision to have a home birth.

We then discussed birth control, which he said he didnt like the mini pill, which is usually used while breastfeeding, because too many women ended up getting pregnant on it. Oh and you know me, I could be breastfeeding, taking the pill, and would still probably end up pregnant. :) Well, I wouldnt put it past me.

So, we decided on the Depo shot. I picked it up today, and because my insurance is changing, I had to pay for it out of pocket, which wasnt too bad, and then I'll go back in Monday and get the shot. It's good for four months and I'll probably use it while I'm nursing. It actually took a great deal of stress off of me since with the mini pill it needs to be taken every 24 hours, on. the. dot, or its less effective, and again, I just dont trust my body enough to not end up pregnant. :)

So, Monday morning I'll call and probably run in, get the shot, and be on merry, infertile way. Oh and on a side note, I seriously dislike the word infertile. It's just a personal issue, but still, just throwing it out there.

On a different note, my MIL went with me to the dr. this morning. I love her, because Jesus says I should. :) We disagree on some things about child rearing but I think its mainly due to different generations. She asked why I didnt have a swing and I said because I think babies should be on the floor when they are to be playing rather than sitting in a swing all day. Well, I could see the wheels turning and she'll probably send some time telling me how beneficial a swing would be, and cross your fingers, she doesnt just pop up with one. Boundaries, people, boundaries.

Other than that, my hubby is on the bad list and we have some major financial issues to discuss. His mom never blames him, and yet nor does she ever take the blame herself. I on the other hand feel responsible for everything and everyone, but thats another post for anothre time.

I'm happy, overall.

p.s. please keep Kristen in your prayers...
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