Monday, June 29, 2009

First day back and we all survived!

Today went well!

First of all, Maddie has had a hard time taking bottles. We thought it was just the fact that she nurses, however, today we realized she just needed a little jaw support to make it all better. :)

So, I dropped Maddie off at 8:00 and headed on to my room. At 9:00 I waited for her out on the playground, but no Maddie, she was taking a nap. which then I realized that I was so happy she was comfortable enough with her room to sleep. :)

Then at 10:00 I headed to the baby room to pump but discovered my baby crying and she was still refusing her fist bottle of the day. I then took her with me in the back room, nursed on one side and pumped on the other. Daddy then showed up and he sat back there with us as well, which was really nice. :)

I went on back to work, and Maddie went about her day, but still refusing to take a bottle. It was then around 1:00 pm when one of my friends and a physical therapist came in and watched her with the bottle. She suggested some chin support so that Maddie could get a better latch on the bottle...perfect...and my baby was able to eat!

Over all, it was a good day. And now Maddie and I are having out, just loving on each other, waiting for daddy to get home. :)
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