Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 3 and I think we'll make it :)

I took a playtex bottle in for Maddie today and it seems its her favorite. :) I wasnt hugely excited about the idea because these type of bottles take drop-in liners. I'm an Avent fan and I really wanted Madison to use them. :) But instead, I headed over to Target after work and picked up more playtex bottles. Now, the thing about Playtex is that they use different nipples and Maddie only likes one certain kind. :)

Note to preggo moms:

Buy in stages. Dont waste your time or money trying to buy for the whole year. I do this all the time and I end up screwing myself over because I have to go back and buy more. Just buy in the stage your baby is in. Dont try to judge where you'll be next month nor next baby, it just doesnt work like that. :) I've had two kids and yet Maddie is completely different than either of them. Everything is different. :) Also, buy some sort of wrap/sling. It's a life saver for your back. I always carry Maddie in hers yet today when leaving work I decided just to do the shoulder carry. My back was killing me by the time I got to the car. Never again. :)

On another note, I ate lunch at my desk today and used my lunch break to do a 30 minute walk downtown. We, as in school, are starting a "Biggest Loser" competion starting some time next week. We will be paired up with a partner to do whatever we choose, weekly weigh-ins, and in 10 weeks we will see what happens. :) Yeah, I'm excited. I passed a co-worker as she walked back from her break. It's great to see people wanting to get healthy. :)

Maddie did well today at school, and took all 3 bottles. Like I mentioned earlier, they had the best success with the Playtex. Yesterday as I was walking down the hall during nap time I heard my baby crying so I went to pop into her room and see if there was anything I could do. I opened the door and there was Daddy sitting there, in the rocking chair. She was getting her diaper changed and she was pretty upset. :) I suggested he take her outside and feed her a bottle. We all walked down the hall and I dropped them off on the playground, where Maddie seemed happy. Sean said she ate and then he took her back into her room. He said she was fine until they actually walked into the room where she looked around and started screaming again.

My girl is not spoiled, she is stubborn. She knows exactly what she wants and she isnt easily persuaded. I'm not sure where she gets that from. :)
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