Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jeremy will be 7!

I cant believe Jeremy will be 7 years old in 10 days! Wow, do I remember that birth!!!

I knew in my heart when my baby would be born. July 11, 2002. It was a date that just kept coming to me. However, on July 10, it didnt hit me that I'd really be having a baby the next day. :) We had gone over to my in laws and when returning home we discovered our air conditioner was out. Well, it July, and I wasnt gonna stay in an apartment with no air so I headed over to my parents house.

I awoke the next morning, 8:00 am. I rolled over in bed and heard a "pop". My water had broken. :) I ran to the bathroom, which was just in the same room with me, and I called for my mom screaming that my water had just broken. :) She ran in, "what?!"

After spending 23 hours in the hosptial with me while I labored with Austin, my mom had decided that she'd like to skip out on the next birth I had. I dont think she enjoyed watching me hurt. I dont blame her. :) But, life was to not go her way. She ran into the bathroom to put on make up and I began walking around the couch. I had no pressure waves at the moment and I felt I needed to get things started.

We left her house and headed torn mine. I hadnt even packed a bag yet. :) I called my husband, at the time, and told him to come on home and then we'd all head to the hospital. By the time I reached the apartment I was begining to hurt. I remember after each wave, I'd cry. I got on my birthing ball and bounced. I dont think it helped. We reached the hospital a few hours later and I was in serious pain. I was scared. I was bleeding, and EVERYTHING was intense.

I walked in, raised my hand, and said, "I want an epidural." The nurses smiled and slowly asked, "has your water broken." "Yes, it did at 8:00 this morning!" Quickly, we were heading to a room. Within the hour I was screaming and trying to get my drugs. After that hour, the drugs wore off and it was time to push. Wow, pushing a 9lb baby while lying on my back, hurt.

Jeremy wasnt breathing well when he was born so he was taken away. I didnt even get to hold him, talk to him, before he was gone. Over an hour later, a nurse came to my door, poked her head in and asked if I'd like to meet my baby. I could have cut her. Why would anyone find it funny to hide my baby behind her back and make me beg for him??

Anyway, my huge baby was finally there and life has been an adventure every since. He had happy hair for the longest time. Hair that stood straight up on his head. :) He was probably the happiest baby I'd ever seen. He also had the quietest cry, just so little bit to come out of such a big boy. :)

And, now he'll be 7. He is extremely unique and funny. He quotes movies all the time, and loves junk food. :) He is a great soccer player, and has a great strength in math. :) He is my boy, and I love him so!
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