Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God is working in great ways!

Last night Sean, Maddie, and I headed down to coolige park to meet up with a college christain group. When Sean and I were both at UTC we attended the Wesley group meetings. Wesley was the man who founded the Methodist church, therefore you will hear me refer to the Wesley center and such a great deal and now you under stand the story behind it. :)

It is good, though, to see whats going on in the college life. Some are engaged, some are changing majors, and some are trying to find housing. :) Everyone enjoyed ooooing and aweing over Maddie, though, oh and did daddy enjoy showing her off. :) Oh, did you know the 1st century church mainly sat around, rejoicing over Jesus Christ and eating? They focused on baptism and communion. It wasnt until others began calling them "orgy fests" that they stopped the feasting, and celebrated only the communion. I'm enjoying my history book on Christianity. :)

After that we took a short walk and then headed back home. Saturday night we have a get together with our Sunday School group to watch a movie and order some pizza. :) Mmmm, good!

Then Monday, my first day back to work, Sean, Maddie, and I will be heading over to a friend's house to sit around and discuss any questions I have about God. :) The friend is a Reverand and there will be another Reverand there as well. I'm not as close to the other guy but I use to attend his Thursday night get together while I was in school so I'm very familar with him. :)

Like I said, God is definitly working in our lives right now. :)
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