Saturday, June 6, 2009


The lastest going-ons in our house, in pics...

Buckey, my son's dog stayed with us for a week while Jeremy and his dad visited Fl. :)
She's crazy!

ohhhhhh, those blue eyes...

Daddy playing the guitar for his baby girl

We took the family out to the drive-in movies lastnight and watched the movie UP. It was a great show and I cried several times. Land of the Lost and Night at the Meseum was playing on the other screen and I do believe we'll be going back to see those. Overall it was a blast. There were tons of families out there. We arrived around 7:30, got some food, let the kids play with other families that we knew, watched the movies, ate popcorn, and then headed home around midnight to our warm, soft, beds. It was $20 for the whole family; I certainly see this as a Friday night family routine. :)

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