Sunday, June 7, 2009

"What did you learn today?"

Jeremy: What did you learn in sunday school today?

Me: That I will always be learning something new about God.

And that seriously seems to be the truth. We're reading The Shack and what I was reminded of today was to take God with me in my thoughts of the future. It's so true. My mind usually always wanders to other places, other plans, other things and in actuality my mind should remain in the present and not fret over what is not going on.

Usually when I think of the future its not always in the most positve way, and it results with me feeling anxious. Well, now, I'll be praying that God helps me to keep Him in those thoughts as well. :)

On another note, my mom would have been 55 years old today. Why do I think about those things? Why do I do the "what ifs" and try to image what we would be doing today? I asked God to heal my heart and heal the pain that I still feel from her loss.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm being too selfish when I dwell on her passing. But I do miss her, and I try very hard to remember what she felt like, sounded like.

Papa wrote to me and it made me smile. :) I should write to him more often, just to say hi.

God has certainly changed me by bring Maddie into my life....
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