Friday, June 26, 2009

This portfolio really has me in a tizzy!

So, I'm lying in bed, trying to relax, trying to drift off to a peaceful nights sleep, when work pops into my head. Oh, that darn portfolio is driving me crazy. I completed it already!!!!

Oh, dear God, I am so stressed about going back in there. I'm worried they wont give me coverage to get it all completed. I'm worried I'll still need to do home visits for the month of July but that I wont have time. I'm worried when I go in Monday I wont even know what songs to sing, that my routine will be completely off since I'll probably be spending my whole time thinking about Maddie and wondering what she's doing. The other two women that I work with dont have children and so there has always been this slight gap between us. I havent felt as if I've been able to give this class 100% with being pregnant, being out for 4 months, and now going back to do paper work.

Please, Lord, take my anxiety. I dont want it. Allow me to give it to you and rest this weekend. Thank you for the reminder that I do all my work for you, not man. :)
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