Friday, July 31, 2009


Our appointment went well. Maddie has gained two pounds and grown 2 inches which puts her at: 13lbs and 24.5 inches. I know she doesnt weigh much but she sure looks big. :)

She's also about 2 months ahead cognitively as well as motor wise. She's 4 months and is at a 6 month developmental age. I was super excited when the doctor was oooohhh and aweing over her development. :)

Every little milestone she has from touching my face to crossing midline and reaching down to touch her toes has been a big deal here. I think its because I've known so many babies who wont ever progress to that point and therefore I'm super grateful for her progress. :) Sometimes you just dont know what you have until you're able to compare it with something else. My baby is not any more special than the next, but I'm just very grateful for the experiences that we have.

On the shots, so far so good: no fever, no fussing, no screaming.

Maddie's newest trick: crying/pounting when she sees me leave, still practicing on her rolling, we may just start on some cerearl...I still havent decided.

Thank you, Lord, for a good check up!
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