Thursday, July 30, 2009

I dont believe in spoiling...

Whenever I would run into someone I knew while I was on maternity leave they'd ask if me if I was just sitting at home holding my new born baby, and I'd proudly say yes. :) Not everyone was keen to the idea, one being my mother-in-law. She strongly believes in putting babies in their cribs and "teaching" them how to play independently. Well, at 4 weeks old, there is no independent play.

Anyway, I'm getting distracted. Back to happy thoughts. :) So, yes, I held my baby, loved on her, breathed her sweet scent, talked with her about everything, and kissed her constantly. And you know what, Maddie rarelly cries when she wakes up from sleeping or when she's on the floor playing. The only time she does get upset is if she's hungry, wet, understimulated, or tired. Other than that, Madison actually spends her day playing, chatting with toys, chewing, and just recently, as of yesterday, rolling over and playing with her feet. :)

No, I do not believe its possible to spoil newborn babies. The first three months are months of great interaction. How else is a baby to learn about itself, its surrounds, and security if you dont touch, talk to, and hold them? And I truly believe the reason Maddie has such a happy disposition and is now developing her own independence is because she had a peaceful birth and constant love.

So, that is my soap box for today: holding your new born baby/ infant is not wrong, its loving. And, below are some great pics from yesterday/ last night. :)

The first one is of Maddie holding the guitar from Guitar Hero and the second is Tummy Time. :)

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