Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teachable Moments

I realized yesterday while watching Jeremy put stamps on envelops that all moments with him are still teachable moments. Sometimes I get side tracked and forget that he's still so young and still needs to learn so much.

As we were driving around yesterday he kept asking where the post office was, what we were gonna do there and so and so. Finally we arrived where we went in, picked out a package, put some pics in it, and then waited to pay for it all. Well, it was a bit of a wait and Jeremy couldnt understand why I didnt just rush the counter and demand my stamps.


So, we talked and talked about the post office and what it does and how it all works. Then we went out, put on stamps, and then deposited them. I hoped in my heart of hearts that he would remember that moment, the things we talked about, so that one day when he's an adult going in to buy stamps he'll recall when he first learned how to do it all.

Our next lessons: grocery shopping, managing money, cooking, studying, cleaning, how to interact nicely, how to maintain friendships, and boundaries. I think we'll take the next 10 years or so to concentrate on these. Oh, and lets not forget about God, that in itself is a whole life time. :)
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