Friday, July 31, 2009

Stand back people, cuase there's gonna be some drama

Beware of Rant:

Ohhhhhhhh, sweet, little girl, if I could stand face to face or better yet maybe sit for a coffee and discuss a few things with you. These are my words, if they could be said.

I have tried so hard to try and reach you. I have offered everything and still you reject me. You were a part of my life long before I ever met you, and its taken all these years to finally come to terms with who you truly are and what you left behind. I have watched you for years, mainly entertained, but other times I'm blown away by your negativity and hatred. You so desire what you want, yet can never find peace or happiness for others.

I am sorry that you hurt. I am sorry that your life has had obstacles and challenges that others may never face, however, at some point you must stop and decide if the past will forever hold you hostage or if you will break free and let go.

I am just tired. I have no more energy for chasing. I have no more energy to give. And yet, you've been apart of my life for so long now, that I do feel connected to you, and to leave now feels as if I walk out on a friendship that was never truly formed. But I have no more. Enjoy your many blessings, and may God bless you.

On a side note, I feel I'm losing touch with my oldest son and Maddie is due for shots today. I hate shots.
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