Friday, July 24, 2009

I'll take what she's having...

First of all, go research Bobo Doll with Bandura and then ask yourself how realistic our video games and movies are.

Alright so from the beginning whenever I go to pick Maddie up either from the bed, another person, the floor, just anywhere, I always give her a kiss on the cheek. When she was about three weeks old she began turning her face to mine and mouthing my cheek after I would kiss her. I told Daddy it was her kisses back to me to which he didnt believe it until he tried to get her to do it to him. :)

Anyway, I had read years ago that its instinctual for us to kiss our babies so that we pick up any germs that may be on them and then create antibodies to which we feed them through our milk. Every since then I'd been in awe over nuring and the body. So, like I said, I do a little mini collection of any germs off Maddie and now with her chewing on her hands, I kiss all over them. :)

Two days ago she began reaching for my face, which is a huge milestone. We've been working on fine motor with handing her different size toys and such and she is now holding on to them with purpose, shaking a rattle, using both hands for manipulaton, and again, just yesterday actually reached out to me when she was tired and Daddy was holding her.

I love when my baby communicates! :)

In other news, I got in my 30 minute lunch walk as well as a 40 minute group walk after work to equal, yep, you've already added it up, a great 70 minutes of cardio. :) And, since Tuesdays and Thursdays are walk night with hubby, well, I just couldnt do it, I was literally tired. :)

And, starting Monday, Natalie, a co-worker of mine, and I will be working out at our local Rush 3 days a week. With the Biggest Loser going on she had posted a message wanting a gym partner, so I asked a few questions, and discovered I'd be able to go with her for free, so yeah, why not?! Her son has also just recently started in my class so we already have something in common to chat about. :) I'm all excited!

Well, its Friday. What are your weekend plans? I have a dog to bathe, a house to clean, and a play to see. :)
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