Monday, July 20, 2009

Just needing to let go...

Our class took a field trip over to a local school/home/work called Orange Grove. Yes, this is the second time we've gone there, once for each class. Anyway, we went into the classrooms today and I must admit, I felt uncomfortable.

With my kids I know what to do, I know how to act, I know what to expect, yet when I stood in these classrooms I felt so lost...and heartbroken.

Several times I thanked the Lord for my healthy children. Several times I still worried about my kids.

Just recently in class I had a mom of a child with disabilities say that people would tell her that God only gives kids with special needs to special parents, well she says thats not so. She said as a parent she just took responsibilty of her child, that its teachers that choose the field of special education that God has touched. I'd say she must be right. I studied psychology because I love humuan behavior, and well, lets be honest here, manipuating it as well. I never thought I would have ended up in special education and I never would have thought I'd be going back to school for it. I'd planned on going to law school at one time, yet now I spend my time laughing, loving moments spent with little people who look to me for guidance. God seriously changed my life path, and for the better, I know in my heart. :)

I'm still scared of Autism. I'm so scared of it I wont even actually type out what I'm scared of in connection with my own family. And then there are always brain injuries. Ugh, it seems I can go on and on and about can happen, but since I dont know what tomorrow may bring I guess I truly should just enjoy what I have at the moment.
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