Sunday, July 5, 2009

My body things I have a pretend baby in my belly :)

How sweet is that? To feel as if youre pregnant when youre not pregnant. :)

I think one of the side effects of the Depo shot must be that your body thinks its pregnant and in doing so actually makes you feel as if youre pregnant. It started with this last week with pretend morning sickness/dry heeves. The nausea lasts off and on til the evening and beginning Friday my nose sneezed all day and then stopped itself up...just like when I'm pregnant. :) Oh and speaking of the nose, yep, its back, way too sensitive smell.

I told Sean earlier this week that if I didnt know I wasnt pregnant then I'd be pretty freaked out right now. I go back to the dr. in Aug and hopefully these symptoms will have subsided by then or we'll have to rethink our plan. I know, I know, Papa, TUBALIGATION :).
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