Monday, July 6, 2009

A Pregnancy Test

Oh, the hormones are raging!

It seems as if everything is continuing to build: sore bbs, sores in mouth, hair loss, super-human smell. It seemed as if each day I was becoming more and more hormonal. Oh, and tonight, while watching a movie I did that whole, burst out into tears, little baby sob, for no reason, type of thing!

Yep, I took a test and it, THANKFULLY, came back negative. I was seriously getting a bit worried today, but, it just seems to be my body getting use to this shot. If things settle down then I'll be able to handle another injection, however, if I end up testing every week or so because of fear of pregnancy, then again, this has to end.

On another note, I start school Thursday and I'm super excited about it!
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